When is orthodontic treatment recommended?

Most people want nice, regular teeth just for the aesthetic benefits. However, orthodontic treatment can prevent many other problems later or, if they have already developed, greatly improve their condition.

They can be:
  • An abnormally closed set of teeth can cause joint pain
  • It is much more difficult to clean teeth that are heavily crowded and therefore more prone to decay
  • Teeth that are not perfectly aligned can also cause periodontal disease
Our orthodontist always strives to create the ideal combination of aesthetic dentition and perfect function to match your facial harmony.

Orthodontics for children and adolescents
In many cases, the need for orthodontics becomes apparent at a very young age. At this stage of life, the jawbones are still growing and forming, and removable orthodontic appliances are the best way to influence their development. If the problem is caused by a bad habit - for example, finger-sucking - we can help the parent to stop. As a teenager, first, removable, then fixed appliances are used once the remaining dentition has developed. With these orthodontic appliances, it takes on average 1.5 to 2 years to achieve the intended aesthetic result in the early teenage years, so a 14–15-year-old child can look forward to the complicated teenage years with orthodontic treatment already completed.

Adult orthodontics
In the past, parents didn't pay as much attention to their children's regular teeth as they do today, so generations have grown up with abnormal teeth. As an adult, it is still not too late to start orthodontic treatment to achieve the desired aesthetic result. From minor aesthetic problems to major functional differences, we have solutions for everything. Orthodontic treatment is mainly done with a fixed, bonded appliance, which can be made of metal or aesthetic tooth-colored materials. If you're averse to bonded appliances, our practice offers the option of state-of-the-art, almost completely invisible appliances.