Tooth whitening is of real value to you if you want more beautiful and visibly whiter teeth. The need for tooth whitening is growing among our patients, as the expectations of our environment are increasing, and it is difficult to keep up with those neglected or discolored teeth.

How can tooth whitening be safe and effective for you?
Tooth whitening is a safe procedure when performed by competent hands. Tooth whitening has the essential ingredients for a long-lasting and spectacular result:
  • A dentist or dental hygienist with extensive professional experience who regularly performs successful whitening procedures
  • A gentle but effective whitening agent (gel) that whitens teeth by 5-8 shades
  • Advanced technology, i.e. Beyond II Ultra, the U.S.A.'s leading tooth whitening system greatly enhances the effect of the whitening gel
Successful tooth whitening and avoidance of risks can only be assured if these three conditions are present at the same time and in the same place. At Ráday32 DentalCentrum, of course, these conditions are given for you to have a safe tooth whitening procedure and a spectacular result.

Why do our teeth become so discolored that we need tooth whitening?
Discoloration can occur because our teeth are made up of two layers:
  • Inner, darker dentin layer
  • Outer layer of lighter enamel,
The outer layer is full of microscopic cavities, invisible to the naked eye, in which dyes can be deposited. In addition, over the years, the top layer of enamel will start to wear away, causing the inner layer to thin and become increasingly visible.

Discoloration can also have external causes:
  • The foods we eat have a coloring effect on our teeth. These include red fruits and their products, red wine, coffee, and tea
  • Regular smoking stains our teeth
  • Some medicines can also have a coloring effect on our teeth
  • Teeth discoloration can also be caused by genetic inheritance
How does Beyond II Ultra teeth whitening technology work?
The whitening agent is activated using 2 technologies simultaneously:

  • The Beyond whitening gel, containing hydrogen peroxide and silicon dioxide, is activated by a narrow beam of high-intensity, cold blue light.
  • Meanwhile, the whitening head generates ultrasonic vibrations that deliver the active ingredient into the deeper layers of the tooth, for a much more intense whitening result.
After the treatment, a 5-10 shade lightening of the tooth color can be achieved, which is significantly better than the results of home or other in-office whitening.
As we use cold light during the procedure and treat the teeth with Beyond desensitizer at the end of the procedure, the after-sensitization is minimal. The state-of-the-art Beyond II Ultra treatment takes just one session, is completely safe and results in up to 2 years even after a few days.